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Bakersfield, a city 100 miles North of Los Angeles, is the entrance to the central valley of California. Primarily founded on oil drilling and farming, Bakersfield is one of the sunniest cities in California with less than 7 inches of rain a year. It is also the home of country music legends Merle Haggard and Buck Owens.

Bakersfield is one of the largest cities in the United States that is not directly linked to an interstate highway. This means that travel is virtually impossible without some form of personal vehicle. If you have purchased a lemon vehicle in the Bakersfield area and you haven't been able to get any help settling your claim, it's time to talk to the Bakersfield lemon law attorneys of Lemon Law Associates of California.

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If you are dealing with a lemon vehicle, basic transportation becomes a big problem. It can keep you from earning a living or enjoying a decent quality of life. Our Bakersfield lemon law attorneys serve the entire central valley of California including Kern County, Rio Bravo and Stockdale.

We are the best and most experienced lemon law attorneys in Bakersfield and the Central Valley and will use our expertise to get you out of your lemon and into a functioning vehicle.

Why deal with the stress of trying to fight the auto manufacturers and at best receive an unfair settlement when you can let our experience go to work for you. If you are worried about the cost of retaining one of our California lemon law attorneys, don't be. You will incur no out of pocket expense because the auto manufacturers are responsible for paying your legal fees.

To speak with a Bakersfield lemon lawyer about your case and to start getting the legal representation you deserve, contact us at 877-955-3666.

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Q. My car is out of warranty now. Can I still have a lemon law claim?

Ans: Yes. If you can establish the defect or nonconformity occurred during the original manufacturer’s warranty period your claim may still be valid.

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