Tesla Faces California Lemon Law Claims

Tesla and founder Elon Musk have been known for trying to bring high tech electric vehicles to the masses. However, as the new Model 3 runs into production issues, several lemon law claims have been filed in California Superior Court, arguing that various vehicles made by Tesla have suffered serious defects.

At least five cases were filed by separate lemon law attorneys in the past month in Los Angeles County, meaning that there has yet to be any potential consolidation. In fact, it is unclear how many additional cases may be pending against the car maker because of the lack of online access to court records. However, the company’s struggles in bringing the Model 3 to market sheds some light on how some of the defects could have occurred.

Musk, at his Fremont manufacturing facility, attempted to create an assembly line out of whole cloth. After setbacks that forced some of the processes to be performed by hand, frequent interruptions led to some employees complaining of quality control issues in multiple news reports. It’s unclear whether the lemon law attorneys who filed the lawsuits were focused on the Models S, X or 3, however.

If you have a problem with a Tesla or any other make of car, and you have been unable to drive it because of safety reasons, get in touch with a consumer protection lawyer today.

Choosing the Right Lemon Law Attorney

The lemmon Law in California and under Federal law applies to all consumers. In California, the Tanner Protection Act provides the right of replacement as well as reimbursement. So, if your vehicle does cause you issues, you have legal remedies available. One is to consult a lemon law attorney. While many may claim to be one, look for the following before you decide on one:

  1. Experience – there is no direct certification for specific areas of law. Ask any lawyer you consult with about their specific track record with defective vehicles, especially if your car is not subject to a recall or you have faced difficulties with a dealership.
  2. Success – Going beyond actually fighting manufactures to get you a replacement vehicle or refund if you want a different car, you want to know that your legal representation has had actual success with obtaining a remedy so that you actually get the best possible result.
  3. Personal Fit – You’ve already had to deal with several repairs on your vehicle and lost the ability to go where you need to. That can be stressful especially if you’re struggling to get your kids to school or yourself to work. Find a lawyer whose style matches your needs to go with experience for the best possible fit.