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Lemon Law Associates just won a lengthy month long jury trial in Northern California near the Sierra Foothills in Cameron Park, CA. The case involved a used BMW X-6 with 46,000 miles at the time of purchase. Our client purchased the car at CarMax with 46,000 miles on it, and had various engine problems until expiration of the warranty at 50,000 miles. He gave the BMW authorized dealership numerous repair attempts during the remaining warranty. BMW did “band-aid” repairs and the warranty expired. Plaintiff had to pay for a new engine at great expense. Lemon Law Associates and Ms. Susan Yeck was able to prove that BMW merely stalled fixing the engine until expiration of the warranty so that the plaintiff had to pay for the repairs. Ms. Yeck was also able to prove that the engine was defective on purchase. This was a very similar situation to the Donlen v. Ford case that Lemon Law Associates won on appeal.

After a month long trial the jury agreed that the engine was defective on purchase. Plaintiff was awarded a full repurchase including reimbursement for the engine replacement that BMW required our client to pay. Ms. Yeck was successful in proving breach of implied and express warranties.

As noted above, Lemon Law Associates of California represents California consumers who have lemon law claims for new as well as certain used vehicles purchased or leased in California. Specifically, under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, (California’s lemon law) a “vehicle” is defined as having a gross vehicle weight under 10,000 pounds, or the chassis, chassis cab, and that portion of the motor home devoted to its propulsion. Motorcycles also qualify if they are registered as “street legal”.

We also represent clients who have other consumer goods which qualify as lemons. These goods include trailers (5th wheel or hitch), and motorized boats.

California lemon law is only applicable if your vehicle was purchased or leased in California.

If you purchased or leased a vehicle or consumer good outside of California, you should contact a law firm licensed to practice in that state where the vehicle or consumer good was purchased. In California, we have been able to help consumers with their lemon law claims. We have worked with all of the major auto manufacturers and are very well known for our tenacious representation of our clients.

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Our firm specializes in California Lemon Law. We provide our clients with aggressive representation that gets results. We also take the time to give each client the individual care he or she deserves. You will never be treated as a number when you choose us to represent your lemon law claims. We will keep you updated on the progress of your claims and are always accessible. We understand the hardships that occur when you have a defective vehicle. You purchased the vehicle in good faith that it would function properly. When it doesn’t and you can’t get it fixed, let us work for you to get the results you should.

If you have any questions whether your vehicle or consumer good qualifies as a lemon, talk to one of our California lemon law attorneys at 877-955-3666. We never charge our clients out of pocket expenses or fees. The consultation and case evaluation are free as well as the best lemon law representation in California.

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Lemon Law Associates Of California represents consumers who have California consumer vehicle claims regarding lemon law and auto fraud.

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California Lemon Law FAQs


Q. My car is out of warranty now. Can I
still have a lemon law claim?

Ans: Yes. If you can establish the defect or nonconformity occurred during the original manufacturer’s warranty period your claim may still be valid.