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Santa Ana has grown into the largest city in Orange County with a population of more than 300,000 residents and is the county seat. Combined with the Los Angeles and Long Beach areas, it is second in the U.S. in metropolitan population with over 13 million residents.

Though there is public transportation, Santa Ana is a city of automobile users. Since Interstate 5 runs through the city, it is a major artery for transportation in Southern California. You only need to take a brief drive on the Southern California roadways to realize how dependent people are on their vehicles.

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Because Santa Ana residents are so dependent on their vehicles, having a vehicle that does not work properly can affect their ability to work, take care of their children and get basic necessities. It is much more than an inconvenience, it can have serious consequences.

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If you have a vehicle that you believe is a lemon, instead of trying to take on the auto manufacturers on your own, contact our Santa Ana Lemon Law Attorneys and start getting the legal representation that you need for your claim to be taken seriously and to get your case settled and get back on the road in reliable transporation.

You Pay Nothing Out of Pocket

Call Lemon Law Associates at 877-955-3666 or through our Contact Form to schedule a case review and consultation. There is no cost for the case review or consultation. If we determine that you have a legitimate lemon law claim, we will represent your interests with no out of pocket cost. This is because California Lemon Law requires that the manufacturers are responsible for paying legal fees.

The Santa Ana lemon law attorneys provide experienced and aggressive legal representation for California Lemon Law claims. You don’t have to be held at mercy by the automobile manufacturers. You don’t have to take an unfair settlement. By understanding California’s lemon law, automotive manufacturers have to properly repair or replace a vehicle that is defective.

However, understanding the processes and how to get things done is difficult. That is where we come in. We can help make sure your lemon becomes nothing more than a memory and you can get back on the road in a reliable vehicle.

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Lemon Law Associates Of California represents consumers who have California consumer vehicle claims regarding lemon law and auto fraud.

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California Lemon Law FAQs


Q. My car is out of warranty now. Can I
still have a lemon law claim?

Ans: Yes. If you can establish the defect or nonconformity occurred during the original manufacturer’s warranty period your claim may still be valid.