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With approximately 100,000 residents, Santa Monica, a city within Los Angeles County, is one of the gems in Southern California with beautiful beaches and the world famous Santa Monica Pier as tourist attractions. It has become an international spot for skateboarding culture. Notwithstanding this fact, the vehicle is the primary form of transportation for Santa Monica residents.

If you live in any city in the Los Angeles area, because of the way the city was designed, it is probable that you will use an automobile of some sort on a daily basis. If you have been stuck with a lemon vehicle and are not receiving any cooperation from the auto manufacturer with regards to replacing or compensating you for your lemon, you need the legal representation of a Santa Monica Lemon Law Attorney.

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The Santa Monica freeway (Interstate 10) is also known as the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway. Interstate 10 between Santa Monica and downtown Los Angeles has the distinction as being the busiest highway in the United States. The City of Santa Monica recently purchased an all electric truck for city business. This is the only city in the United States to utilize an all-electric vehicle for city business. However, even electric vehicles can be lemons.

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While an automobile manufacturer can’t guarantee that your vehicle will not have any malfunctions or issues, they need to make it right if something occurs. When they don’t, you need the Santa Monica Lemon Law Attorneys of Lemon Law Associates of California.

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Give Lemon Law Associates of California a call at 877-955-3666 and speak to a Santa Monica Lemon Lawyer or send your information through our Contact Form to schedule a free consultation. We will review your case and if it falls within the guidelines of California Lemon Law, we can provide legal representation for you with no out of pocket expense.

Because of the way that California Lemon Law is written, the automobile manufacturers are responsible for paying your legal costs. We would love to discuss your lemon problem. Our firm specializes in helping California consumers.

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Lemon Law Associates Of California represents consumers who have California consumer vehicle claims regarding lemon law and auto fraud.

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California Lemon Law FAQs


Q. My car is out of warranty now. Can I
still have a lemon law claim?

Ans: Yes. If you can establish the defect or nonconformity occurred during the original manufacturer’s warranty period your claim may still be valid.